Love your Money. Financial Education with passion and purpose.

What We Do

We help people manage their money.

This involves all the sexy stuff like financial goals, reviewing bank account structures, budgeting, tracking spending, financial reporting and forecasting. We also chat a lot about mind-set and life in general because understanding what clients want and need has a lot to do with their values. We touch base regularly to discuss progress. Essentially, we bridge the gap between people’s intentions and their actions. It’s amazing how a little bit of expertise and accountability can lead to so much success.




Why We Do It

We believe managing your money well, week to week, is a big opportunity for wealth creation and we want to help people love their money. This includes supporting people with debt reduction, asset accumulation, evaluating financial options, and helping them make informed and considered financial decisions. 

We like people to feel like they have their finances in order. Empowered and educated is the goal for our community. 


This Is Us



I’m a big fan of twitter and cooking shows. And, I’m aspiring for the minimalist life. In the future, I plan to go on more holidays to places with no internet reception (it’s the only way I can convince my wife to go camping).

I’ve been in finance for over 15 years and Cash. is the most rewarding way to support people on their financial journeys. I tell it how it is but clients appreciate the honesty and it’s all about keeping them focused on what is truly important to them. I’m also working on my own financial journey, there is always something to refine…



If you want a podcast recommendation then let me know because I could talk about them all day. I'm an appreciator of good design, wild blooms, and brunch. 

I joined the money industry for selfish reasons, I wanted to know what I didn’t know about finances. It was all about wanting my money to work smarter. I love sharing what I know because small things can make a huge difference. My financial focus is all about creating a future - ensuring I make decisions and commitments now that allow me to provide experiences for my children.

I'm working on my reasons why I can't go camping because it is currently winter. Send help.